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Swank, Paleo, Bible Diet?


I’ve been doing my own version of the SwaPalible diet.  Yes, a combination of the three.  Really, what they all boil down to is eating nothing processed.  Eat whole foods and eat natural.  If you can’t pick it or grow it – don’t eat it.

I repeat to myself on a daily basis – garbage in – garbage out.  If I feed myself garbage, I can expect my body to become garbage. 

Prior to my relapse in July, I followed this diet pretty closely – eating nothing but whole foods.  I felt wonderful.  Then, I got lazy.  I paid for it.  Now, I am working at eating only what’s good for me.  If it improves the quality of my life, I need to embrace it.




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  1. Keep up the faith.

    It’s tough to stick to a whole foods type of diet right now with the food industry aggressively pushing a processed food agenda.

    However, the recent increase in food prices, global malnutrition, the locavore movement (see 100 mile diet) & books like the ones by Michael Pollan are now influencing broad based cultural perceptions on food & eating.

    In Canada, the major supermarket is now trying to find a way to capitalize on this cultural shift – whole foods, more veggies, local, organic.

    I can imagine the future. New & sexy marketing campaigns for the new & improved…orange?

    Best of luck

    Comment by DR | April 23, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hello!

    Thank you for your encouragement.

    I completely agree with you. The food industry is way out of wack! To me it seems like autoimmune diseases are on the rise as well. It seems like more and more children and adults are being diagnosed with Celiac Disease and gluten intolerances/allergies. Obviously there is a correlation between our diets and our bodies.

    Although I am American, I did most of my growing up in Canada. Based on my experience in Canada, I applaud Canadians for their concentrated efforts on eating a healthy diet, exercising & conservation. American’s need to wake up and change their habits and stop the love affair with over processed foods!

    Thank you for your comments – stay in touch!

    Comment by elle0568 | April 23, 2008 | Reply

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